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The fossil ledgess can be  difficult to reach.  The directions in this pdf are taken from the Visitor Center website.  Check there for any updates. 

Drummond Island


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Fossil Ledges - Drummond Island

A unique up north Michigan getaway on Drummond Island is the hike or drive to the Fossil Ledges.  Rock hounds and collectors will want to take the time to visit the Fossil Ledges. You will need specific directions to get to the ledges. They are north and east of the Four Corners in the same general direction as the Maxton Plains. From the Interpretive Signs for the Maxton Plains to the Ledges involves about 45 minutes of travel. After crossing a swamp and traveling an old two track, one reaches the parking area. Now all that is left is a very short hike to the shoreline.


Au Sable River Highbanks

The rocky shoreline is easily walk-able for about a half mile. There is a large limestone outcropping near the trail where there are several orange salt water fossils. Picking up the broken stones along the shoreline will reveal all kinds plant and animal fossils, including salt water species. The lake is beautiful here but remember that it drops off to a depth of more than 60 feet. Many varieties of wildlife can be found on the drive to the ledges and back. Some explorers have even reported spotting a bear or two.