Oddities & Rarities

Hidden away in out of the way places, wilderness areas and small towns are objects and artifacts guaranteed to amaze.  Some of these intriguing items are difficult to find.  Some are hidden in plain sight in museums.  Some are rare, some are one of a kind and some are unexplained.  All of these are real. Some links go to www.michiganbackroads.com

Alpena Discs Drummond Island Mystery Of Thought & Reason
Amberly Ridge Ruins Gravity Mystery Pestilence House
Anagama Hermit of Beaton Cave Sanilac Petroglyphs
  Kalevela Murals  
Biggest Weathevane Keweenaw Wall Shrine of the Pines
Bixby Marionettes Lignum Vitae Spirit Houses
Bottle House Macintosh Stone Stone Circle Beaver Island
Burnt Bluff Pictographs Maxton Plains Alvar
Captured Spirits Mechanical Marvel Tomb of the Cow
Cardiff Giant Megaphone in the Woods The Two Towers
Cardiff Giant Podcast Negwegon Ruins Underground River
  Newberry Tablets Veteran's Museum Manton