Historic Destinations

This section is dedicated to historic destinations.  Some of these are out of the way places that may not even appear on a map.  Some are unusual museum exhibits or historic destinations.  Some are places or things that have been lost, forgotten or shut down altogether. Some links go to www.michiganbackroads.com

Animated Dolls Idlewild Sacred Ground
Burnt Bluff Pictographs IXL Museum Sandstone Castles
Capac Langley Covered Bridge Secret Passage
Castle Rock Magnetic Healing Springs Shrine of the Pines
Cornish Pump Michigan's Boot Hill Speeder Cars
  Octagon Barn Story in the Stones
  Old Victoria  
Crisp Point Lighthouse Port Oneida Sturgeon Point Lighthouse
Fisher's Covered Bridge Port Sanilac Museum Tri River Museums
Forty Mile Point Lighthouse Protar's Tomb White Pine Village
Hart Historical District Rawson's King Mill White Rock