Sturgeon Point Lighthouse

lighthouseThis region was first settled as a fishing community and Harrisville still has a beautiful working harbor. Sturgeon Point earned its name because of the fantastic numbers of sturgeon that came in to spawn. There were so many that they damaged the fishing nets and were killed by the hundreds. Eventually, someone discovered that there was a market for this fish in New York and a new industry was born.

The light house was built in 1869 and is still operational. The grounds hold examples of boats, rudders and Lake Huron equipment. The gift shop has plenty of cool items and there is excellent rock and shell hunting along the shore. The keepers house is now a museum and is open Memorial Day - mid September. In addition to that the old Bailey one room school house is also on adjacent grounds. After you tour the buildings you might want to walk from the Sturgeon Point Lighthouse out to the point itself.