The Good Hart General Store makes the best pot pies in the world.



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Tunnel of Trees

One of Michigan’s most popular drives, Michigan Highway 119 leaves the exclusive resort town of Harbor Springs, whisks you through an area once largely inhabited by the Odawa, or Ottawa Indians, and ventures north 20 miles to the town of Cross Village.

mapThis narrow road becomes engulfed in the over-story of a mixed forest, dominated by mature broadleaf and pine trees.  Known as the “tunnel of trees,” the scenic beauty of this drive is splendid in the spring or summer, but offers special majesty during peak autumn color.

Spirit World? - Thorne Swift Nature Preserve is half way along the drive. The land in this preserve is also home to an elusive water spirit. Native legend has it the water spirit enters and exits through the cedar swamp.

Just past Middle Village, there is a U-shaped curve named Devil's Elbow. The name stemmed from a series of strange, unexplained occurrences in the area, but it's a bit of a misinterpretation--the original name means "where the spirits reside." perhaps that's still true today.

At about the halfway point on the drive is a small settlement called Good Hart. During the tourism season this is often one of the busiest spots on the entire route of the Tunnel of Trees. There are cottages to rent, an historic church and a few shops. The shop that it is impossible to miss is the Good Hart Store.

 good har storePainted bright red, it stands out from its surroundings. On weekends during the travel season the outside grounds may be filled with local vendors of everything from maple syrup, to Petoskey stones and some Michigan authors. The store is filled with quality products produced locally and souvenirs. In addition, there is the deli serving delicious dishes to enjoy at a picnic table outside or to take away. The one item that these folks make from scratch that is mouth-watering are their pot pies. Don't pass them up.