Stone Hege Gardens

Two acres of gardens are filled with gorgeous flower beds and decorative plantings. Water features, landscaping and garden art add to the beauty and serenity of the gardens.

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Sleepy Hollow Trail - Up North


Northern Michigan around Charlevoix is famous for natural beauty, sparkling waters, and picturesque towns. During the summer months the population explodes with the return of tourists and summer residents. Everything is busy, even the nature areas can be bustling with people and traffic. In spite of the crowds, there are still places where quiet and solitude can be found. One of these is the Sleepy Hollow Nature Preserve, just north of East Jordan, on the west side of Lake Charlevoix. The easy trail there offers the opportunity for a break from the sometimes frantic pace of the busy towns.

sleepy hollow trail north

Sleepy Hollow Nature Preserve covers a bit over 50 acres. The trail is only one mile long and that is split into two loops. Sear Creek is a spring fed stream that runs through the southern portion of the preserve. Don't let the short length of the trail fool you. This is a quiet preserve of dense forest. From the moment you go across the first bridge you will be in a beautiful nature area.

The first loop of the trail follows the course of Sear Creek for a way. There are nice benches scattered along the trail, providing places to pause, listen to the water and watch the wildlife that make this place their home. A number of simple boardwalks provide crossings where the trail meets the stream. It isn't unusual to spot brook trout in the clear water of the stream. There are some gentle hills with an elevation change of only about 80 feet throughout the entire preserve. The mix of maple, beech, aspen, and hemlock trees creates a fairly dense canopy. The result is cool shade along most of the pathway.

The second loop of the trail is found at the far end of the first loop and extends further into the forest. It is only a third of a mile long and loops back to the first trail. The second loop has another small elevation change. Large stumps can be found throughout the preserve, left overs from the lumbering days of the past. This nature preserve and trail are just a short distance from the towns, yet it isn't unusual to have the whole thing to yourself.


You have to watch for Sleepy Hollow Lane. The trailhead is quite secluded and is easily missed. Turn east on Sleepy Hollow Lane off M-66 about half way between Charlevoix and East Jordan. Stay on Sleepy Hollow Lane for about 1/4 mile to the small parking area and trail head on the left.

Stone Hedge Gardens is located a bit north of the trail.