Voyageur Island

voyageur island posterOne of the hidden treasures to explore in Sault Ste. Marie is the Lower River Island Trail. This is actually a network of trails and boardwalks on Voyageur Island Park. One of the aspects that makes this destination so unique is that the park and trails are only accessible by water. Visitors can kayak or canoe from either Rotary Park or the Harvey Marina to visit the new park.

Previously, maps showed a group of small islands just downriver from Rotary Island Park that were designated by numbers. Island No. 2 is now known as Voyageur Island Park and a smaller island has been named Heron Island Park. The park has a network of trails. Among these, the Riverside Trail leads to a boardwalk with an observation platform. From that trail, there is a Shortcut Trail that leads to the popular Freighter Trail. On the Freighter Trail visitors can watch the giant “lakers” make their way along the river.

 Paddlers can launch from either Rotary Park or Harvey Marina. In the warm months there is a choice of either a Paddler Dock or a Shore Landing. In the winter months, the dock is removed and if you go during winter, you will probably want to pack some snowshoes.

Information and gear can be obtained at Bird's Eye Outfitters downtown.