Directions: The short version is that the pines are located at 52nd Street, 1/4 mile east of Locust Ave. From Newaygo, go north across the river and go east on Croton Dr. Just before you reach the dam turn north on Pear Ave. After a couple of miles, you will hit 52nd Street. Go right, jog left and then right again and you will find the Pines.


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Sailors Pines - Newaygo County

sailors pinesAt Sailors Pines you can still take a walk through an old growth forest in the lower peninsula. The last wave of the lumber era was passing in the 1920's in mid-Michigan. At the same time, Mr. William Sailors began to review his timberland holdings in Newaygo County. He discovered that he had several acres of white pine that were maturing, but were not yet large enough for harvesting. He had participated in the lumber boom and had seen the fantastic giant pines toppled forest by forest. After that, the hardwoods were harvested and the land was cleared of the wondrous old trees. But not all of it. While dealing in hardwoods, Mr. Sailors discovered a neglected stand of white pines and decided to preserve them. His son, David, carried on this work and the result is a stand of virgin pines, a quiet place available to everyone. James Sailors is the current owner and the pines have matured to a point similar to what lumberjacks would have found in the 1800's.

 You can pull into the trees and park. You can walk just a few yards in and will be surrounded by enormous old Michigan white pine trees. Many are more than 30" in diameter and several are more than 100' tall. Wander along the path for a bit longer and feel yourself transported to a quieter time and a less-hurried pace. If you bring a picnic lunch, you can pause long enough for your inner self to slow down, and become quiet enough to hear the winds whispering in the pines, hear deer walking nearby and glimpse wild turkeys foraging. All of this is just a few minutes from town and easily accessible by car. The road going to the pines is even paved. Sailors Pines are easy to get to at any time of day, but the solitude is truly amazing at sunrise.

You are welcome here and can bring a lunch; however, no camping is allowed and NO FIRES.