The day-use area for Ocqueoc Falls is on Ocqueoc Falls Road, which can be reached from Rogers City by following M-68 west for a bit over 11 miles.

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Ocqueoc Falls - Onaway

A Michigan day trip to the Ocqueoc waterfall is fun in any season. As an up north day trip in color tour time, the scene at Ocqueoc Falls is unrivaled blaze of colorful foliage. There is an excellent hiking trail that follows the course of the river.

ocqueoc Falls

Ocqueoc Falls is the largest waterfall in the lower peninsula of Michigan. The word “ocqueoc” comes from the French for “crooked waters”. The name fits. The Ocqueoc River does in fact, wind all over in its course across the karst formations in Presque Isle county. Size is only one of the unique features of this waterfall. One of its best is that it is easy to get to. In fact, this may be the only universally-accessible waterfall in the United States. The parking lot is only a few yards from the falls. This is not a big plunge falls, like many in the upper peninsula, it is more an extended cascade with the longest of three drops being only about 5 feet or so. The gentle angle of the falls and its proximity to the picnic area make this a very popular wilderness swimming spot. In color tour time, the scene is a riot of color. There is an excellent hiking trail that follows the course of the river.

There is another unusual feature about this area that adds to the fun of a trip to Ocqueoc. The entire region sits atop a limestone formation known as a karst. As the river flows across the limestone, it cuts channels into the riverbed. Several branches of this river, especially the Little Ocqueoc, have parts of their course running underground. You can walk along a nearby two track and, suddenly, there is the river flowing right out of the side of a hill. During spawning season, you can see the salmon actually swim through this underground river. The Ocqueoc River is one of the few rivers in the Lower Peninsula to flow north.