Old Victoria


Old Victoria is a day trip up north outside Rockand, Michigan.

If you take Rte. 45 out of Ontonagon and head toward Rockland, you will get a couple of bonuses. Not only will you see some of the most beautiful vistas in Michigan, you can tour Old Victoria, Michigan. Many of the cabins have been fully restored and the tour of this old mining camp is informative and fun. It was near here that the "Ontonagon Boulder", now in the Smithsonian, was found. Walking through the grounds you can almost hear the spirits of the miners and their families. Old Victoria is maintained by the Society for the Restoration of Old Victoria, Inc.


 old victoria

Several buildings have been completed and others are in the midst of reconstruction in a location formerly called Finn Town. These hand hewn log cabins, built over 100 years ago to serve as housing for the miners at the Victoria Copper Mine.  Learn the history of the pioneers during the Copper Rush and feel the romance of this place which time cannot change.

Old Victoria has special events take place during the year including Craft Fairs and Log Cabin Day on the last Sunday in June each year. The Arts & Crafts Fair is held on the third Sunday in August, featuring hand-crafted arts & crafts, music, and food. Enjoy cinnamon rolls and coffee prepared on the old cook stove.