Please note, Brockway Mountain Drive is seasonal. It becomes part of the snowmobile trail system in the winter. The date it opens depends on the snowfall and the time road restrictions come off. The BMD Facebook page is updated when the road opens for the season.

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Brockway Mountain Drive

The upper peninsula of Michigan is famous for scenic drives.  One that is beautiful in any season is the Brockway Mountain Drive in Copper Harbor.

Brockway Mountain Drive is the highest paved road between the Rockies and the Alleghenies. The drive is 10 miles long and has many pull-offs enabling visitors to stop and take in the scenery. There are two nature preserves along the drive that are worth visiting too. At the top, 735 feet above Copper Harbor, you will find a breathtaking 360° view of Lake Superior, the surrounding woodlands and inland lakes. On a clear day you can see Isle Royale about 50 miles away!


At one end is the view of Copper Harbor, the other end is the West Bluff.  The West Bluff has spectacular views. 

west bluff

One peculiar feature is the condition of the oak trees that have become twisted almost like Bonsai trees.  The Brockway Mountain Drive is really gorgeous. It is the highest paved road from the Rocky Mountains to the Allegheny Mountains. From the Copper Harbor Overlook, where you are more than 700 feet above the water, to the summit of West Bluff is less than 10 miles. Yet, it may be the most beautiful ride on the Keweenaw.
If you plan to ride Brockway by bicycle, be prepared for some extremely steep hills. It really is a mountain. In addition, the winds can be very strong, but the scenic overlooks along the way from the Copper Harbor Overlook all the way out to West Bluff, make it all worth it.