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Up North is a destination in Michigan as well as a state of mind.  Residents consider up north Michigan to be north of Clare or even as far as Indian River.  For those south of the Great Sauk Trail, that marks the frontier leading to up north Michigan.

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Underground River Video

monarch butterfliesEvery autumn during the last two weeks of August and the first two weeks of September the Monarchs gather at Stonington Point just east of Escanaba and Gladstone.  Here the wait until the winds are right for the migration flight south across Lake Michigan, Green Bay and on to their winter grounds in Mexico.

The generation of butterflys that make the flight is called the "Methuselah Generation".  This generation lives long enough to make the entire flight to Mexico.  After the migration, successive generations only live a matter of weeks.

This is just one of the natural wonders scattered across Michigan, "up north".

yellow dog river fallsWaterfalls - Some folks think there is just one in the lower peninsula and some folks swear there are two. In fact, there three waterfalls in the lower peninsula of Michigan. Pictured here is a view of the falls on the Yellow Dog River from winter of 2018.  Probably the best source of information about Michigan waterfalls is the work of Phil Stagg Waterfalls.

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