estivant pines


estivant pinesOn the right is what it says in the brochures and magazines and it is all true,but there is more. This is a truly beautiful spot unlike anything else you will see. If you want to see virgin pines in a wilderness setting, this is the spot.

You will enter a world that for many is unknown. There are no improvements here and the going can be rugged. I am in good shape and these trails are a handful. If you go, dress properly and take water with you. This is a wild spot and you will want to stay for a while. I wouldn't recommend leaving the trail unless you are experienced and well equipped; rough terrain.

On the positive side, this is a beautiful spot full of silence and lush growth. It is not crowded, I met two other people, and is as close to what old "up north" Michigan was like as you will find. This is a magical place and if you take your time and slow down, you will hear and sense things you have missed for a long long time.

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