Sailors Pines - Croton hardy dam area


pinesYou can still walk through a stand of old growth near virgin timber in the lower peninsula. The Croton area is only a little north of Grand Rapids in Newaygo County.

In the 1920's the lumber era was passing and Mr. William Sailors was reviewing his timber holdings. He found that he owned a stand that was maturing but the trees were not yet large enough to harvest. He had participated in the lumber boom and had seen the giant pines toppled forest by forest.

Mr. Sailor's decided to preserve this last stand of pines and today you can wander through them and see what lumberjacks would have seen in the 1800's. Some of these are now giants, 30" in diameter and 100' tall. This stand of pines is dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Sailors. The area is managed by their children.