humongous fungus - crystal falls

The Story:

alice and mushroomMushrooms growing up through a tree stump turn out to be just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. In 1988 in the forest near Crystal Falls, Michigan, they discovered what at the time was the largest and oldest living organism on earth, Armillaria bulbosa; a giant fungus. When I say giant I mean it, 30+ acres at last measurement, It is estimated that, if you could pull the whole thing up, it would weigh more than 100 tons.

The Festival:

Every August they get it going in Crystal Falls to celebrate the fungus and other mushrooms. Why not? For days it is nothing but fun and games. You can tube down the Paint River, enter a cribbage tournament, enjoy the Fungus Fest Parade or compete in the Horse Pull.


Pasties are a dietary staple and there are plenty to try but don't forget; this town has the best smoked bratwurst available in Michigan. Then there is the Car Cruise, the craft show, the volleyball tournament and tons of stuff for the kids. Try not to miss the Finn vs Pollack Softball Games, men's and women's. There is even more and this is one gorgeous town to spend a weekend in.