Budd Lake - Harrison, Michigan


Budd Lake is a 175-acre lake that happens to be just a couple of blocks from downtown Harrison, Michigan. Wilson State Park, a 36-acre wooded area with 160 campsites, borders the lake to the northwest with a sandy beach.  In the early 1900s century, several lumber mills operated on the Budd Lake shoreline, and a lumber company that operated in the late 1800s donated Wilson State Park to Michigan.

The lake is popular among anglers, particularly for its muskies, some longer than 40 inches, along with bass, panfish, perch and walleye.  Dropoffs near the shore provide deep water refuge; the lake is up to 30 feet deep, with the south end being shallower.  There are two public boat ramps on the lake, one outside the state park on the west shore, and one at the southern end of the lake.

budd lake map