seven bridges park trail


stream and bridgeWhen you get out of your car, the first thing you are aware of, is the sound of tumbling water. Just a few feet down the rustic path you come to the first bridge. By the time you pass the first bridge on the Seven Bridges Park Trail you will have left the everyday world behind and entered a world of tranquil natural beauty. Locally known as the Jewel of Kalkaska County, the Seven Bridges Park is best known for its rustic wooden bridges that cross the Rapid River and its adjacent tributaries. The trail is only a mile long and is almost entirely forested. Along the streams and river, wildflowers will add their special beauty to scene.

This river is a blue ribbon trout stream, and the Seven Bridges area has over one mile of river frontage. It isn't unusual to encounter trout fishermen along the patchwork of interconnecting streams. The paths are nicely groomed, the boardwalks are well maintained, and the bridges are in excellent repair. While a few miles from anywhere, the music of the running water, the shaded pathways, and profusion of wetland wildflowers, make this spot one of my favorite, 15 minute vacations, while traveling the back roads. This level, one mile trial is an easy walk for most anyone.

Local Treasures

 Just west on Route 72, the Cherry Street Market is filled to bursting with fresh pure Michigan farm goods, locally grown products and lots of Michigan made goodies, the market is open May - November; locally owned and operated. Running for about a city block along the road front will be stacks of planters, flowers, fruits and vegetables, just begging you to stop for a quick look see. When you start wandering it won't be long until you find the garden and statuary area in the back and that area is enormous too. As if all this isn't enough, the market also operates a fantastic bakery/deli filled with delicious treats.

The Historical Museum has an Elmer Car on display. Elmer Johnson built bicycles for the Montgomery Ward Company and also built four cars, in his machine shop, on S. Cedar Street in Kalkaska. The car, known as the "Elmer", was built by hand in 1898 for Henry Stover, a druggist in Kalkaska.

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