Ontonagon Trails


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atv trail ontonagonOntonagon County is the starting point for ATV riders to take the Bill Nicholls multi-use trail. This trail starts at Adventure Mountain in Greenland and takes the ATV rider past many old copper mines. This trail also provides the ATV enthusiast a remarkable view from high on top of three different trestles overlooking the Flintsteel and the Firesteel Rivers. The trail continues all the way to South Range. This multi-use trail is over 40 miles long.

You will also find a scenic ATV ride from Bergland in southern Ontonagon County to Sidnaw. This trail will take you over a trestle that sits high on top of the scenic Agate waterfall. Make sure you bring your camera for this view. This multi-use trail is also over 40 miles long.

Then there is the ATV trail that takes you from Rockland south to Bergland. This trail goes through the forest and offers the ATV rider an amazing view from a high hill. One can see Lake Superior, which is over 10 miles away, from one site on this trail. You will also see plenty of wildlife. This trail is approximately 20 miles long.

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