sleepy hollow nature preserve


nature preserveSleepy Hollow Nature Preserve covers a bit over 50 acres. There are easy trails winding through the second-growth forest. Sear Creek is a spring fed stream that runs through the southern portion of the preserve. A number of simple boardwalks provide crossings where the trail meets the stream. It isn't unusual to spot brook trout in the clear water of the stream.

There are some gentle hills with an elevation change of only about 80 feet throughout the entire preserve. The mix of maple, beech, aspen, and hemlock trees creates a fairly dense canopy. The result is cool shade along most of the pathway. There are benches scattered along the trail.

Large stumps can be found throughout the preserve, left overs from the lumbering days of the past. This is a secluded forest trail that is usually very quiet. Just a short distance away are the crowds and hustle of Charlevoix, yet at nearly any time of day, there may be no one at all in the preserve.

Just up the road from the preserve is another great spot, Stonehedge Gardens. The grounds are filled with beautiful flowers and landscaping. The shop is packed with gift products that decorate the gardens.