Rainbow trail - drummond is., Michigan


trailTravelers who discover Drummond Island, often return again and again. The profusion of natural wonders and scenic views, lure one back. Trails on the island tend to be pretty rough and, in many cases, poorly marked. One standout exception is the Rainbow Trail, a wilderness adventure for walking in the warm months and cross-country skiing in the winter. Hikers on the Rainbow Trail have the option of several short walks, or longer distances, as far as 5 miles.

The main pathway wends its way across mostly even terrain, with open areas and some welcome shade, in the depths of the hardwood forests. There are several loops off the main trail, with the Sweetwater Loop, being the shortest at half a mile. There are unique environments to be found on the different loops. Noah's Nook is just off the main trail on the Solo Trail loop. The Wandering Wilderness Loop is somewhat rougher with elevation changes. At the very end of it all is the Cedar Haven down in the lowlands.

All along the way, songbirds will be around, making this a favorite for bird watchers. The wildflowers and the ground cover spread through the open areas attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. Open meadows, shady forest, wetlands, and an inland lake would be enough for most trails, but then there are those rainbows. Don't be surprised to see one. Rainbows are seen here all the time adding to the unique character of this trail. The loops are well marked, but the trail map available from the Visitors Bureau or online, will be handy to have.