pathway & gardens - manton, Michigan


boardwalkManton, Michigan is known in the north as the land of forests and fun. The forests are home to wildlife, scenic trails and the incomparable Manistee River. One of the nature areas that are an integral part of the fun in Manton, is the Manton Pathway and Gardens nature walk. As with many of the other treasures and attractions here, you hardly have to leave town to be out enjoying the natural beauty that abounds. The entrance to the Pathway and Gardens is only one city block from the ice cream shop.

The Manton Pathway and Gardens, is a 1-1/2 mile nature walk, part of which follows the course of the Manton Creek. The removal of a dam returned the river to its original channel. There is a pond along the stream and a picturesque walking bridge now crosses the stream, at the site of the old dam. This is an easy walk with stops and benches staggered along the trails. The presence of the stream and pond ensure that you will see a wide range of Michigan birds, in every season. Another feature that makes this trail so much fun is number of grassy areas that have been groomed, making it easy to find a picnic spot. The Manton Pathways location has also become a destination for the geo-cache crowd. There is one cache here, hidden away off the trail. Again, the in town location of this trail makes it a favorite for those who may not be able to handle more remote wilderness areas.

Manton is a great site for all kinds of trails. It is not an exaggeration to say that you can snowmobile and ski, right outside your back door. Snowmobile trails crisscross Wexford County throughout the City of Manton.