three trails - iron county


The trails of Iron County offer everything from cross country skiing to white water rapids to ancient burial grounds.  Here are three of our favorites.

spirit housesApple Blossom Trail - The trail starts across the road from the Iron County Historical Museum in Caspian. It is a paved, wheel-chair accessible, trail that winds along the Iron River and roughly follows the original railroad line. The spot where Harvey Mellon first discovered iron ore is on the trail. There is a view of an abandoned quarry that is now stocked with trout and a small waterfall on the Iron River. At the trailhead is a sign speaking the "language of dogs".

Lake Mary Plains Pathway - Locally know as the Glidden Lake Foot Paths, there are three different loops starting at the parking area at Glidden Lake. The lake is on Lake Mary Road about five miles east of Crystal Falls and south of Route 69. The trails are from 3 to 4 miles long. They are mell maintained and are marked with signs about every half mile.

Pentoga Park - This is known as the Brule River Trail and starts in Pentoga Park. The trail crosses Route 424 and spans about 2.5 miles to the Brule River. Another trail in this park is a mile long trail that ends at the Indian Ceremonial Bowl. A unique feature of this park is the Indian Burial Ground with several "Spirit Houses" preserved on the site.