hunter's point - copper harbor

hunters pointHunter's Point Park is one of the real treasures in Copper Harbor. The point juts out into the harbor and is visible from downtown. There is excellent parking at the trail that gives access to the point and the Lake Superior shoreline. A handicap accessible boardwalk leads from the parking lot to a Lake Superior viewing deck. The trail on the point is a natural walking trail. There isn't much in the way of grooming. At several points along the way, side trails lead to the shoreline.

One option is to leave trail walk along the north shoreline of Lake Superior. The forests and lake views are spectacular. It is hard to believe that you are only a quarter mile from town. The unusual rock formations are volcanic in nature creating a wild scenic landscape. When a lake fog begins to roll in, the shoreline and forest take on a magical appearance. This is where you will take a lot of pictures.

Hunter’s Point is a last stop for migrating birds before they cross Lake Superior on their way to Canada. Passerines by the thousands “line up” at the point and take flight in the early hours to make the trek across Lake Superior. Passerines are perching songbirds. What sets them apart from other songbirds is their feet which are designed to automatically grip and hang on to a perch. This allows them to roost in trees and sleep without falling to the ground.