sieting Hotel Kalkaska, Michigan


Hotel Sieting is home to the Liberty Gumball Machine Company.

The Hotel Sieting has plans to re-open the site in time for its 100th anniversary.

hotel sietingThe Hotel Sieting currently sits vacant in downtown Kalkaska, where it’s been idle for more than 20 years.  Jeff Sieting intends to transform the old hotel linked to his family history and spur revitalization in the village’s downtown corridor.

The building boasts 15,000 square feet among the three levels, including the basement.  Sieting’s plan is to open the tavern section first as a 1950’s-era coffee and soda pop shop, followed by a banquet hall or restaurant in the remaining main-level space. The upstairs may be renovated into several downtown apartments, while plans for the basement remain undetermined, he said.

Sieting's great-great-grandfather’s brother built the hotel after the famous 1910 fire in downtown Kalkaska. It claimed the site of the former Manning House and opened in 1912.

“We’re going to try to salvage as much of the original building as we can,” Sieting said. “We’re going to spend time gathering old photographs and memorabilia from the community.”

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