sanilac petroglyphs


petroglyphHead west on the Minden road out of Forestville until you reach Germania Rd. Go south about 1/2 mile and you will reach the park where these remarkable carvings are located. These were uncovered by the forest fires in the late 1800's and are the only known petroglyphs in Michigan. The area is poorly marked but parking is not a problem and the walk through the forest to the site of the sandstone carvings is very nice. The carvings are in sandstone that is flat and were covered by vegetation for a very long time. After the great fires swept across the "thumb" so hot they melted railroad tracks, the carvings were revealed.

A visit here can put one into a bit of a poignant mood. The carvings are in a bad way. The usual damage from the thoughtless and time itself has required the carvings to be enclosed in a fence. Badly deteriorated, they are difficult to see yet, beautiful for their unique character

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