spikehorn - harrison, Michigan


spikehornBefore there was an 127 interstate highway there was U.S.27, a two lane paved road that ran from Ohio to the Straits at Mackinac.  Before there was a bridge, there was a car ferry that took folks to the upper peninsula.  A trip "up north" from the Lansing area could take all day and getting across the straits could take hours more if it was hunting season.

Along the way there were great old Michigan attractions.  Most of them are gone now.  Spikehorn was a man who created an attraction centered around Michigan history and wildlife.  We would always stop and wander through this one-man wildlife refuge.  There were deer, porcupines, foxes and even a black bear.  Old man Spikehorn was a giant of a man to us little kids and he would astonish us by hugging that bear.

There was nothing like this place and probably won't ever be again.

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