lost in michigan  - a collection of lost treasures


Traveling around the back roads of Michigan often reveals old ruins or stories or legends of things now gone.  Some will never be replaced and some can't be replaced in a modern world filled with litigation and regulation.

Most of these stories and places are real.  Some of the legends are difficult to prove true or untrue.  New stories every month.

Muelbeck's "Vanishing" Door

Fifty years ago a family vacation included the whole family and was often two weeks spent in one cabin or campground.  A long standing tradition was to go out to eat at some unique lodge "up north".  These  were often rustic with alpine style decor, warm friendly service, and most had some unique feature.

stein doorWhen you walked into Muelbeck's you were in the tavern area and then proceeded into the dining area that had tables and booths.

After a delicious meal you would head back the same way and discover that the door had vanished. 

Those in the know always got a kick out of watching confused first timers figure out that the stein is the door.

The building is still there but the restaurant is closed, Harrisville, Michigan.

Harrisville, Michigan is in Alcona County Michigan on the shore of Lake Huron.  Muelbeck's was just north of town.