the road to hell


road to hellYes, there actually is a road to hell and it leads to Hell, Michigan and it is paved. This great ride takes you through hills and around curves, over rivers and along lakes. In many places the trees arch completely over the road.

The motorcycle riders have known about this are for a while but, unless you are going to Hell you may have missed it. The road you are looking for is D-32. It runs from Gregory to Pinckney with Hell in the middle winding through the trees, next to the Edwin S. George Reserve. Along the way you will find Gosling Lake, Half Moon Lake and Brum Lake among a half dozen others.

This is a gorgeous area but this road can be a bit rough. If you have the time, you can easily spend the day here. Horse back riding, kayaking, fishing, picnicing or just wandering the many paths and trails. It is one beautiful place.

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