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Michigan "Up North" Vacations

Underwater Crucefix North Michigan vacations are a perfect way to enjoy a quick northern getaway or a full northern Michigan road trip. Northern Michigan vacations traditionally have meant a getaway to upper Michigan, the upper peninsula. Today, these up north Michigan trips can be enjoyed year round and all over the state.

To those of us who grew up in Michigan, "up north" began north of Clare and in some cases north of Indian River.  100 years ago "up north" meant the Frontier, any place north of the Sauk Trail.

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Historically speaking it wasn't always this way. When Michigan was being opened to exploration and settlement, most folks arrived in Detroit first. Going west from there usually involved a journey down the Great Sauk Trail, US 12 today, to Chicago.  That road was the frontier. Up north of that road was wilderness Michigan where even wolverines were known to prowl.


Traditionally we think of "up north" in Michigan as the territory from Clare to "the bridge". Treasures and legends abound from Lake Huron to Lake Michigan.

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The upper peninsula of Michigan is as different from the lower as can be imagined. Nearly a third of the land mass of the state, the upper offers amazing variety east and west.

Up North Michigan is a road trip guide for your up north vacation or Michigan up north getaway. You will find towns for living, urban secrets to rediscover in some of our better known towns and historic destinations that are within driving distance of home. There are waterfalls, trees and sturgeon. Small inns and old Michigan destinations that you may have overlooked may be around the next bend.

Lodging Notes

One of the things people always ask about is Michigan Lodging.  Our lodging listings are organized by region.  Lodging is now on .

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